WHAT IF YOU COULD save thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours while ai does the heavy lifting?

Leverage AI To Profit More While Working Less

  • ​AI enhanced businesses are more competitive, get more leads, build credibility faster which builds trust and gets more sales
  • ​AI saves 100+ hours per month so while AI is doing the heavy lifting you can concentrate on money making activities
  • ​AI tools enhance creativity and Innovation, so you're no longer stuck with problems like lack of ideas, writer's block,  or business development
  • ​Building an AI team saves thousands of $$$ from your operational costs (no more outsourcing the things you cannot do yourself)
  • ​An AI enhanced business is scalable without the costs involved - as your business grows, your AI team can handle increased workloads without a proportional increase in costs
  • ​Automations of repetitive tasks, or tasks that you don't like or take too long, tend to be faster and more accurate, reducing anxiety and errors
  • ​AI boosts productivity and efficiency tenfold

Results You Can Expect When You Join

AI enhanced business & offers, giving you an insane competitive edge!

Mastering content at scale with AI to skyrocket your credibility & positioning!

Building an AI team to save thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours!

Finding extra income streams with AI without having any skills or experience!

ai has leveled the field, SO LEARNING THE SKILLS AND BUILDING YOUR AI ASSETS now will pay off well into the future

The new AI driven world is changing rapidly, but if you're here, you want to take advantage of what will change the world and how we do business forever, and ride the wave ahead of all those who are still debating what the future holds.

Using AI will become something you must have, not something that is nice to have in your business. The tools and automations that are available right now can be the difference between having a profitable business and one that jst gets by.

By implementing AI you can compete successfully with the giants in your industry and 10x your profitability.

Enhancing Your Business & Offers With AI Is The Only Way To Become Insanely Competitive & Profitable

  • ​Create the backbone of your business with my AI Ecosystem
  • ​Follow a Roadmap that will help you every step of the way
  • ​Find the right AI tools and build your tool stack
  • Learn the most essential skills needed in this new AI-driven world - from prompt engineering and image manipulation to animation and creating avatars
  • ​Learn how to use AI to create everything you need for your business - from offers and lead magnets to challenges and workshops in less than a day
  • ​Learn how to create content at scale with my frameworks, so you never wonder what to post or suffer writer's block
  • ​Learn how to implement AI into your marketing and social media so you can compete with the giants in your industry 
  • ​Learn how to build GPTs - the hottest AI assets at the moment and monetize them
  • ​Get access to my proprietary AI tools to help boost productivity and efficiency with your marketing, content and social media
  • ​Get access to my extensive libraries for prompts, tools, images, and Midjourney descriptors
  • Use all the skills you learn and the tools you master to create AI assets for your business and your clients (students)
There are 3 things every entrepreneur wants:
1. Work less
2. Become more competitive
3. Make more profits 

AI Can Do This For You

I'm Monika and I have a real passion for AI and how the future is shaping.

We are on the brink of a brand new technological revolution and our world will change forever.

New tools are coming on the market on a daily basis, every big tech company is pouring billions of dollars into research and the race in incredible.

 I have made it my business to stay informed. I read several industry newsletters every single day. I follow the updates. And I distil everything into simple language and share it with my community.
I'm Monika and I have a real passion for AI and how the future is shaping.

We are on the brink of a brand new technological revolution and our world will change forever.

New tools are coming on the market on a daily basis, every big tech company is pouring billions of dollars into research and the race in incredible.

I have made it my business to stay informed. I read several industry newsletters every single day. I follow the updates. And I distil everything into simple language and share it with my community.

What we have right now is an opportunity bigger than the dot com one and we are all in a perfect position to take full advantage of it.

Don't let it pass you by... Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

Introducing the most comprehensive membership out there...


The Only Netflix Style Membership Including Over 15 Courses + Bonuses + A Community + Live Support + Live Workshops

WHEN YOU JOIN the ai school of business...

You get everything you need to build a business ready for the future!


  • Ever growing membership and tutorial library
A Netflix type of membership full of simple to follow training videos that will walk you step by step and break complicated concepts into small steps. Plus new courses and resources are added to the membership on a regular basis. 
  • Private community
Members Only support and Implementation group for accountability, meaningful connections and support. I also announce everything that is happening in the membership in the group and livestream there as well.
  • Live support
Apart from being able to ask questions and get answers form me and the community, every week you will find a #AskMonika thread in the group to ask questions that require more in depth from me. I go live on Friday to answer all submitted questions.
  • Live Workshops
I run live workshops on different subjects. Sometimes we go over something that is important but needs more clarity. Other times the workshops teach something new that can be implemented right away or we have hands-on workshops where members work on a task live.

Here's a glimpse of SOME OF the courses inside the membership

Plus These Amazing Bonuses:

Your Roadmap

your starting point if you're brand new to ai

The roadmap breaks down the process step by step, so you can build (or restructure) an AI enhanced coaching business.

Each phase includes the exact resources and tools to provide clear direction and outcomes.

The AI Ecosystem

building the backbone of your business

Building your AI ecosystem will not only systemize how you keep up with the constant AI innovation, but will also help you understand what it takes to build an AI enhanced business.

The ecosystem is a flywheel, that will keep you and your business fresh, up to date, competitive and profitable.

AI Tools


**Using my AI tools will allow you to use the paid version of ChatGPT without actually having to pay for it**

AI tools are peppered throughout the different trainings and courses to help you be more productive and efficient. I have created these tools using the latest GPT version (4.5 turbo). You will also get access to some of my custom GPTs. 

The 4 Essential Libraries

AI Tools Library

hundreds of tools

Prompt Library

ever growing

AI Image Library

thousands of images

Midjourney Library



"Side Hustles With AI" Monthly Workshops

Here's how it works:

Every month we choose a side hustle.
I do all the research.
I find the tools.
I create a strategy.
We get on a live Zoom call and workshop the idea. 

This is a great opportunity to ask questions and add more income streams.

But that's not all. You also get:

🎉 Daily support in our private community Facebook group

🎉 Weekly Q&A livestreams in the Facebook group

🎉 Other live workshops with me or other experts

🎉 Access to a resource section that constantly grows

🎉 Access to all new add-ons to the membership

I've got a question for you

What if building an AI enhanced business will give you an insane competitive edge? 
Smart business owners can see the change that is coming and they are investing in learning new skills and building new assets to stay competitive and profitable.
So what if you could fortify your business against any changes that will come and wipe out those who were unprepared? All for the price of 1 lunch per month...
🤔 🤔🤔

you might be asking yourself:

Sounds great, but what exactly does that mean for a coach?

Glad you asked 😃

AI will impact every single aspect of our lives and businesses and those who don't start implementing the tools will be left behind
AI will make small businesses and solopreneurs much more efficient and productive which means you will save so much time and task and jobs that took you forever in the past will be done in minutes
Saving money from overheads is something all small businesses look for. With the help of AI you will be able to do (or have access to) things that you had to pay for before
Learning specific AI skills, using AI tools and building AI assets will give you the opportunity to stand out from the competition who are still waiting to see how it all plays out. 
You can create new income streams just by using AI tools that will do all the work for you even if you have no skills or experience
Automating things and freeing up your time will boost your productivity in other areas, like connecting with your audience more often and a more personal level, working on new offers (or projects), networking with your peers and finding new opportunities


Q: I'm just starting my business. Should I still join?

A: Perfect. Starting a business right now gives you the opportunity to build it with the future in mind. Learning how to use, implement and integrate AI will give you the skills to grow your business faster than you could ever imagine. 

Q: I'm an established business. Would I still benefit?

A: Absolutely. Established businesses have to restructure so their business is enhanced with an AI ecosystem, AI tools and automations, plus have the right AI assets for both their business, offer and clients in order to stay competitive and profitable.

Q: Can I wait and join later?

A: Sure, however think about how fast everything is evolving in the world of AI. Even 6 months from now things will be different. Wouldn't you rather be in a community that will help you navigate the new technology?

Q: I'm not tech savvy. Will I struggle with this membership?

A: Not at all. I pride myself in taking complex concepts and breaking them down into the smallest components. You will find all training videos and tutorials to be super easy to follow and implement.

Q: What support is included?

A: In our private, members-only community you can get your questions answered either by me or another member. You can request help or feedback and eyes on your stuff anytime you like. I also go live every week answering your questions (just look out for the #AskMonika thread). Plus you get a live workshop every single month. For any account enquiries you will find an email address in your membership area and you will hear from me or my assistant within 24 hours.

Q: If I feel AISB is not for me, can I cancel?

A: Yes you can cancel at any time directly from your account, no questions asked.

Q: When will I get access to the membership?

A: Immediately. You will see a link on the confirmation page and you will also get an email with all the information. Plus you will see an email address to contact me if you don't get your login details.

Q: Is there a minimum time I have to stay in the membership?

A: No, you can stay for as long or as little as you like.

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